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Dulwich Speech and Language Therapy provides a range of services for children.




All children who recieve speech and language therapy should have a full assessment in order to investigate difficulties and to provide in-depth information for parents, carers and other professionals.


Assessments usually last for about one hour and compose of standardised assessment materials, informal assessment and full case history.


Nursery and School Screenings:


These screenings are done in the educational environment and with prior permission from parents/carers. Screenings usually last for about ten minutes with the aim of identifying pupils who require further assessment or monitoring. 


Individual Therapy:


Most children are seen for individual therapy sessions in school, at home, in clinic or a mixture of all three.


All children recieve a therapy plan that is tailored to their needs. These plans provide parents and other professionals with details of the long term aims and short term goals of the therapy, as well as details of the activities carried out during the sessions.


Group Therapy:


Some children require therapy in a pair or a group. Groups consist of no more than five children. The children are placed in the group that best suits their needs. They are always placed with children of a similar age.


We run groups for social skills, stammering, language difficulties and speech sound difficulties.

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